Where Did All the Teachers Go? A 16-second Message Recap

16 Second Message This week Pastor Stephen delivered the 3rd message in our series "Where Did all the ______'s Go?". This week's message from Ephesians 4:10-16 was called "Where Did All the Teachers Go?".

The big thing: Teachers teach us to know and live God's Word.

Teachers are vital to the Church's health because they teach us to immerse ourselves in God's Word and to live what we have learned. This strengthen's the Church's faith, makes us less susceptible to believe strange teachings, and makes it more difficult to be deceived by things that are not of God. As well, it builds us up to do the best we can as we serve God.

How teachers can immerse themselves in God's Word:

Hear God's Word, Read God's Word, Study God's Word, Memorize God's Word, and Meditate on God's Word.

Then, teach others to do the same.

No teaching is complete if we don't offer those we teach a way to use their new knowledge for the benefit of the mission Jesus gave the Church.

A teacher must teach others how to live what they have learned.


Listen to the full message on our podcast here.