The Cure for Isolation


silence & solitude_wide_c_ntWe live in a technologically interconnected world. At the touch of a finger we can transport our ideas around the globe and communicate with people who are miles away. More than at any other time in history, people should have a sense of connectedness, yet it seems that just the opposite is happening. As we have traded deep and meaningful relationships for low-maintenance online “friendships”, many of us have driven ourselves into isolation. Some of you may object to this line of thinking and point to your seven hundred Facebook friends, thousands of Twitter followers, and successful Instagram feed as proof that you are not isolated. However, if you invited all these online friends to your home to help you get over a bad breakup or to help you move, how many of them would show up? A lot of us live in isolation and many don’t even realize it. However, there is a cure. What if I told you that there are places in nearly every community around the world where you can build genuine friendships with your neighbours, where there are people who will find ways to help and support you through difficult times, and where you can receive love and acceptance? If you feel isolated, I encourage you to check out your local church on Sunday. I can’t promise that any church will be perfect, and I must warn you that real relationships can be messy. Nevertheless, the local church exists not only to celebrate the freedom that Jesus gives us, but also to provide a place where you can receive the love of God and find new friends.

Don’t allow yourself to remain isolated. There is a cure and it is closer than you think.

-- Pastor Stephen Valcourt pastorstephen