Jesus' Resurrection is About More Than One Day

Last weekend was Easter weekend. On Friday, we remembered Jesus' bloody sacrifice on the cross as he paid the price for our rejection of the Creator. On Sunday, we celebrated the fact that he did not stay dead; three days after his death he rose from the grave. These are great things to remember, and these days have great significance--but what does Christ's resurrection mean for people 2,000 years removed from it? And is all we're going to do with it spending one day with brightly coloured, egg-shaped chocolate?

The fact is, Jesus' resurrection is about more than just one day. On that day, Jesus defeated death and the grave (see Revelation 1:17-18). Because of that day, you and I can believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be and that he will do as he promised...that includes the bit about coming so that you can have eternal life when you place your faith in him! Because of Jesus, death is not something to be feared--it is defeated--rather, eternity now holds the promise of being full of forever-life. This life matters dearly in Jesus' eyes, but it is also only here for a blink of that eye. Eternity is forever. The empty tomb is a promise of a full eternity.

The empty tomb is a promise of a full eternity.

The resurrection is about more than one day: it's about every day, and all eternity beyond that.

Don't forget to come out to church this Sunday as we continue our series, "Empty," with our next message, "Empty Life." Sometimes we try so hard to find our meaning and purpose, but are we finding it in the right things? So often, we just end up empty inside. Jesus offers something more.