Celebrating our Moms: the other 364 days of the year.

  This past Sunday was an important day that comes once a year: Mother's Day. It's a great time that we spend celebrating all that our moms have done for us and thanking them for their hard work. At Abundant Springs we looked at a mother named Jochebed and how she was an "Amazing Mom". Did you see your mom (or yourself) in the three points we discussed? If you missed the message you can listen to it here. In case you forgot, here are the three characteristics of Amazing Moms that we discussed:

  1. Amazing Moms recognize their children are beautiful to God
  2. Amazing Moms: Give up everything for their children.
  3. Amazing Moms have great faith (and share it with their kids)


Of course, the big thing that I hope every mom received from the message was encouragement and a reminder that Moms MATTER!

That brings me back to this post. As the children of moms we celebrate Mother's Day once a year, but is that enough? I want to encourage you to consider how you can thank and celebrate your mom for all she has done and is still doing for you the other 364 days of each year. Remember, "On Mother's Day we celebrate all moms do. Their hard work matters; it's what made you, you!" But we should be celebrating them on more than just Mother's Day!

Best of luck to you as you discover new ways to celebrate your mom!

--Pastor Stephen Valcourtpastorstephen