Our Sunday church service starts at 10:30am and goes for about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

 coffee and snacks at church

When you walk in the door you can expect to be warmly welcomed. If you have any questions or are not sure where something is feel free to ask our greeter or any of our volunteers (just look for the Blue name badge!).

While you're in the lobby, make sure to stop at our coffee corner. Grab a snack and something to drink, and please, know that you are welcome to bring it in to the auditorium with you!

After we've sung a few songs, CHILDREN'S CHURCH dismisses from the main service around 11:00 and is for children ages 3-12. Don't worry: we have a secure check-in and check-out process to ensure that your child only goes home with you after the service! 
Children younger than that are welcome to stay in the main service with you, or you can talk to our greeter about nursery care. We encourage those 13+ to be a part of all that happens in the main auditorium during our services.

After a brief time for conversation, we'll come together to hear a short message from the Bible. 

 Dress Code? Nope.

Whether you're in a tuxedo, jeans and a t-shirt, or sweats and a tank-top; whether you're freshly showered and made-up or haven't bathed or shaved in a month, You Are Welcome Here!

our programs

Sunday Service--10:30am

Childrens Church--Sundays at 11am

Pre-Service Prayer--Sundays at 10:00am

Community Groups--See Contact Us for details.

Youth Group--Sundays at 7pm at Chinook Bible Church.

But i don't know the songs...

We've got you covered: give this Sunday's songs a listen ahead of time.


Where to Find Us: 

We are located in beautiful Pincher Creek, Alberta on the corner of Waterton Avenue and Kettles Street.
968 Kettles Street


Planning a visit?

Sure, you can just show up, but if you let us know you're coming we'll roll out the red carpet for you!