Hope...In a World Divided

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In this chaotic world filled with vastly differing opinions and so much pain, what is a Christ-follower to do? Is there any hope in a world like this? Guest speaker Paul Koenderman shares.

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God is bigger than your situation


KenHildebrand-1.jpgHow would you think of God's role in your life if you struggled through and overcame crippling Polio, abuse, and a crushing injury that nearly killed you, resulting in the loss of your leg? Would you blame God for allowing these things to happen to you, or would you thank him for giving you the strength to overcome them? If you are Ken Hildebrand, you would give God the glory for his provision, protection, and power and for the testimony to God's greatness that you now have. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get everything together to record Ken's testimony when he was at Abundant Springs this weekend, but all those who were there will tell you what an inspiring time it was. Ken directed me to a piece that was done about him for broadcast television. It really is quite the story, and though it avoids bringing Ken's faith into the equation, it is well worth watching.

The next time you're going through hard times, don't blame God. Just remember the faith that Ken has in God and know that God is bigger than whatever problems you may be facing.

You can view the video here.

--Pastor Stephen Valcourt pastorstephen