A Lesson From Downloading Today's iOS 7 update

ios_7_ipad_home_screenLike many millions of users around the world, I faithfully updated my iPad to iOS 7.0 today. As I was trying to do so I can upon a problem: an error saying I could not download it. Not to be dissuaded, I tried again. And again. And again. After about ten tries it finally downloaded. Then I received another error. It turns out my battery was too low to complete the update. That was no problem. I simply plugged in my iPad and hit install. It sat there thinking before telling me the update was unavailable. So I tried again. And again. And again. Finally, after many more tries it successfully updated. Yay! I was among that special group of individuals running the latest software on their Apple device.

Then it hit me. How persistent was I in trying to get this latest update on my i-device so I could have the newest, shiniest features? In comparison, I don't think I am often that persistent in many of the (much) more important things in life. If I sleep in and don't have time to do my devotions before leaving for work, (wait for it) sometimes I shrug it off with an "I'll get around to it". I'll be praying for something and be frustrated because it hasn't happened yet.

But then there's those software updates that I wait for months for with bated breath and then try and try and try until I succeed. Perhaps I'm the only one who finds I'm often more persistent in the inconsequential things of life than I am in my faith. Maybe you think less of me now. That's okay, because I learned something about myself today, and my hope is that you'll take this as a reminder to look within yourself and see if you are doing the same.

Many blessings, and I'll see you on Sunday!

--Pastor Stephen Valcourtpastorstephen