He Chooses People Like Me: Your 16 Second Message Recap


16 Second Message This week Pastor Stephen completed our five part series called "Who Jesus Is". This week we looked at Mark 3:13-19 and discussed who the 12 men Jesus chose were. We learned that Jesus Chooses People Like Me.

Here's the big thing: Jesus uses average people to do above-average things!

If He Could Use the Apostles He Can Use You!

  • Jesus' disciples had only a basic education and were a rough bunch including fishermen, a possible political terrorist, a tax collector (who stole money from his own people to make himself rich), doubters, deniers, cowards, guys with thunderous tempers, guys who weren't even worth being written about beyond their names in a list, and the guy who ultimately betrayed Jesus and killed himself; yet Jesus trusted these men to set up His church!

God's People Must Rely on Christ's Presence and Authority

  • Jesus Christ chose the men he did because they would have to rely on His power to do anything great.
  • Without Jesus we are only capable of a little, but Jesus takes what we do and makes it beautiful.
  • But we must spend our time in the presence of Christ, and we must stay under the authority that he gives those who believe in his name and follow him.

Jesus uses average people to do above-average things!

Here's What You Have to do to be Used Best by God:

  • Believe in Jesus and Follow Him: this is necessary before we do anything else.
  • Be in relationship with Christ: spend time with him, learn from him, obey him.
  • Stay Humble: whatever God empowers you to do, you are doing it by HIS power, not your own.
  • Continually be filled with the Holy Spirit: ask for more of him every day!

Whatever God empowers you to do, you are doing it by HIS power, not your own.

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