The Light Has Come: The Trade

Text(s) to Read:

John 1:9-13 NLT

Isaiah 53:3-11 NLT

Main Points:

  • Jesus was rejected by humanity so we could be accepted by God.

    • This was the greatest trade in history: Jesus offers to trade his sinless identity as a child of God in exchange for him taking on himself our identities as law-breaking criminals against God.

      • This trade is birthed in love and given as a gift.

  • Walk in the light of new life and become a child of God.

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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

Many individuals believe they have done such bad things there is no way they deserve to be loved. They presume if someone were to look at them and truly see them for who they are, that person would turn around and run the other direction. This view also ends up being applied to their relationship with God. As a pastor I often hear the question, “How could God love someone like me?