Beyond: Reaching Beyond Ourselves

Do I need to witness?

Sometimes it can be amazing to hear stories about all that Jesus has done in people's lives. What's really great is that these stories are not uncommon. Why is that? It's because, no matter your situation, Jesus Changes Everything. Jesus' impact on our lives is the reason why we must be driven to obey his command to share with others what he has done.

Text: Romans 10:9-15

Following Jesus changes your mind, your heart, and your mouth.

Paul explains in verse 10 the fundamentals of a faith that brings eternal life, and that faith is going to change you. For example, believing something in your heart involves your mind, but it goes beyond mere mental assent to some historical facts and moves into something that becomes the core of who you are.

People who begin to follow Jesus find that things in their lives--even their own selves--change!

Jesus Changes Everything

This is why we’re so profoundly moved by him, why we meet together, why give time and money and effort, why we should desire to tell others about him. 

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done: Jesus died because he loves you and wants to bring you into an eternal, life- giving relationship with him.

If the Good News of Jesus is meant for everyone, how can they respond if they don’t hear it? 

You need to get the message out there

Through supporting missionaries or responding to the call to missions yourself

By sharing the love of Jesus and your story of how he has changed you with others.

Action Step:

Commit to share your faith or offer to pray for 1 unchurched person a week.


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